Saturday, November 18, 2017

Blog Restoration Continues…

Just a quick update!

This blog, The Looking Glass has been reuploaded and almost fully restored. You will notices here and there that some images aren’t loading properly. It’s a work in progress. It takes about 10 minutes per post/page/whatever to comb through the code and figure out what image went to what post and reupload them. That’s 6 posts an hour, on top of an already over-booked life.

Stay Tuned to the Updates Page for more information.


Welcome to my blog, The Looking Glass!

Well look at you! You made it! I am so proud of you, won’t you come in?

Step into the world of my imagination and roam the halls of my mind. You will find things of my own design as well treasures I have found across the internet. If you’re interested in writing as a craft, writings of mine, or other featured blog posts by guest authors, check out my Literary Realm (sub blog? bloglette? mini?).

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The Train Analogy and Helping Your Child Work Through Their Emotions

My heart is hurting tonight…I come up feeling like I continually fail when it comes to parenting my children lately. As clichéd as it sounds, It’s a truly fine line that we walk as parents…we are the teachers, the nurturers, the role models, the disciplinarians, the rule-setters, etc. We are often so many more things to our children, and so many of them at one time.


Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

Each Year I have chosen to honor one of the teachers who helped make me into the man I am today. In one way or another, everyone that I have ever learned from has been a teacher, but it takes a true heart, unwavering spirit, and a love for imparting knowledge that distinguishes a teacher from a true mentor.


On Being and Staying Catholic in the Modern World

…And another big choice: You must make your adult commitment either to become a lifelong Catholic, on your own, or to leave that faith behind. That is a perfectly normal choice. Every human being must make it. More on that in a moment.


My Darling Children: I Have Failed You

My dear, sweet, wonderful children, I know that life has not always been everything that you imagine when you wake up every day. Every night I am with you, and every night we are together on the phone, I wish for you to have “beautiful, happy, and the sweetest of dreams” because I want you to live in a world where you either only see the good in things and people, or that you FIRST see the good, and judge accordingly.


Bishop Olmsted to Catholic Men: Start Being Men

Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix has just issued an Apostolic Exhortation entitled Into the Breach, in which he basically tells Catholic men that they need to stand up and start fighting – for their Church, for their culture, for their families, and for their own souls.


Be a Better Version of You

It’s no secret that 2016 has been kind of a rough year. On the national and worldly front, we have lost an unusually high (but not the highest) amount of celebrities, burned so many bridges and traveled down an unnerving amount of social and political roads that until recently, have only been hypothesized in dystopian fictional books and movies.


Every Day is a Gift from God

The only way I can think to sum up everything that has happened to my hometown community in the last week, I look to my favorite NCIS character Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) in response to the death of their agency’s Director…

“Bad few days…”


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