Be a Better Version of You

It’s no secret that 2016 has been kind of a rough year. On the national and worldly front, we have lost an unusually high (but not the highest) amount of celebrities, burned so many bridges and traveled down an unnerving amount of social and political roads that until recently, have only been hypothesized in dystopian fictional books and movies.

However, as the year draws it’s last few breaths, there will be only one thing on everyone’s minds. It also happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves… the whole “New Year’s Resolutions” craze…that’s kind of not really a craze at all.

Enthusiasm…appears suddenly…widespread but short-lived…

Oh, uhhhhhhh.
shuffles papers
whistles innocently

It appears as though it could classify as a ‘craze epidemic’ or ‘serial craze’ because of how often it repeats in a short span of time. Resolutions date all the way back to the days of Babylon where Babylonians would make promises to their gods to return borrowed things and pay back debts. Flash forward to the middle ages where knights would reaffirm their commitment to chivalry by taking the ‘peacock vow’ towards the end of the Christmas season. It wasn’t until the end of the 20th and dawn of the 21st century where resolutions became more of a fad rather than a guide to self-improvement.

So, this year, instead of resolving yourself to a list of things that you really have no intention of doing, how about we try something different?

Make a promise.

Make a DAILY promise to two specific distinct entities. Your God…and Yourself. No one else matters.

Make a promise…just a simple DAILY promise…to be a better version of you, than you were the day before.

How are you going to #BeABetterMe? You can comment below, or reply to the threads Facebook  or Twitter using the hashtag #BeABetterMe.

Happy New Year!


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