A Little More About Me

UPDATE NOTE: See the post Even More About Me for the latest updates!

I am a truck driver Commodity Relocation Logistician. I drive a dedicated lane, which means that I drive the exact same route every trip I take. In my case, I make an average of 4-5 60-mile round trips a night before hanging up White Tiger’s keys in favor of some much coveted sleep.

CRLs are solely responsible for keeping your store shelves full and your wallets nearly empty, because after all…You Can't Take It With You (Broadway Production)Get it? Anyone? No? Darn. Hold your mouse over the picture for the answer.

Life on the road is not easy. I am alone. Physically alone. The one thing in the world that could possibly terrify me more than spiders is being alone, especially when I have a growing family that lives 4 hours north of where I work and I only get to come home for my “weekends.”

Yes, I have a phone, and I talk to my family multiple times a day to send daddy-kisses for boo-boo’s inflicted in the latest epic toy battle or even a bad case of the dreaded Cruddies or Grouchy Gremlins, but at the end of the conversation, when the finality of that “click” in my headset sounds, it’s back. I am alone again.

I am also Roman Catholic and believe whole-heartedly that this is the path to Salvation. Being a devoted CRL (see above) and being a devoted practicing Catholic are very hard nearly impossible to pull off at the same time. Being alone as much as I am allows me the time to listen to various faith-based CD’s or radio programs, audiobooks, etc, but that can only go so far. I need fresh information, new information if I am to continue to grow and learn.

What I am NOT is strong in my faith. I am but a mere infant compared to even my closest friends because I am a convert. My childhood into early adulthood was spent in the Church of the Brethren, a sort of sister-church to the Mennonite Church. Because my formative years were spent operating under slightly different ideas about faith, I am often at a loss when trying to recall from memory certain faith-based topics.

Saint Michael the Archangel and Guardian Angel pendant from The Catholic Company.

Quite often, if I want to know something specific, I have to research it. This is slightly different than the so-called “Cradle Catholics” because they are taught through catechesis that grows and deepens their faith as they too grow and become a deeper person.
I have a necklace that was given to me by my beautiful, patient, and understanding wife that has a Crucifix, a medal of Saint Michael the Archangel on the front and my Guardian Angel on the back. I wear it everywhere. Saint Michael is there for many reasons, chief among them being he is my Confirmation Saint. It is a daily and sometimes minute-by-minute reminder of the need to be strong in today’s society. But it is also a reminder of the need for temperance when faced with the often harsh criticism of outsiders or non-believers, or whatever you want to call them.

Stay Tuned!


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