My heart is hurting tonight…I come up feeling like I continually fail when it comes to parenting my children lately. As clichéd as it sounds, It’s a truly fine line that we walk as parents…we are the teachers, the nurturers, the role models, the disciplinarians, the rule-setters, etc. We are often so many more things to our children, and so many of them at one time.

So, life lately…right? It seems that the busier I get with work, school, writing, trying to keep up with this blog, and the myriad of other things that I am to other people, that when I get home and am required to switch roles and put on the “father” and “husband” hats, I have had way too little patience lately when one of my precious babies is coming at me too strong wanting something the instant I walk through the door or incensed because their mother has not allowed the use of their favorite toy or whatever the trauma of the moment. It isn’t until I see the recoiling look on their beautiful faces that I realize it wasn’t them that crossed the line, it was I.