The Train Analogy and Helping Your Child Work Through Their Emotions

My heart is hurting tonight…I come up feeling like I continually fail when it comes to parenting my children lately. As clichéd as it sounds, It’s a truly fine line that we walk as parents…we are the teachers, the nurturers, the role models, the disciplinarians, the rule-setters, etc. We are often so many more things to our children, and so many of them at one time.

So, life lately…right? It seems that the busier I get with work, school, writing, trying to keep up with this blog, and the myriad of other things that I am to other people, that when I get home and am required to switch roles and put on the “father” and “husband” hats, I have had way too little patience lately when one of my precious babies is coming at me too strong wanting something the instant I walk through the door or incensed because their mother has not allowed the use of their favorite toy or whatever the trauma of the moment. It isn’t until I see the recoiling look on their beautiful faces that I realize it wasn’t them that crossed the line, it was I.


Every Day is a Gift from God

The only way I can think to sum up everything that has happened to my hometown community in the last week, I look to my favorite NCIS character newly appointed Director of NCIS, Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) in response to the death of their agency’s Director…

“Bad few days…”

It was Christmas evening, around 10 after 6pm, when my wife and I finally had our own Mighty Pirate™1 and princesses packed up and strapped down in the minivan. We were finally ready to leave my parents’ house near uptown Syracuse, Indiana, after a very successful and long overdue gathering where literally my entire family was present. Such a gathering had not taken place since my younger brother got married earlier this year.


A Little More About Me

UPDATE NOTE: See the post Even More About Me for the latest updates!

I am a truck driver Commodity Relocation Logistician. I drive a dedicated lane, which means that I drive the exact same route every trip I take. In my case, I make an average of 4-5 60-mile round trips a night before hanging up White Tiger’s keys in favor of some much coveted sleep.


Boys’ Day Out and Fatherhood

I love being a father. I have loved it since the moment I found out we were pregnant (because, once conceived, true fatherhood has begun). It has changed me immeasurably for the better. There isn’t a moment that goes by that those little ones aren’t racing around in my mind or on my heart.

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