Our original vision for the Quote Garden was to provide a sort of “wonder wall” experience where you could interactively sort through inspiring quotes to find the perfect match.

Unfortunately, our original plan failed…and by failed, I mean epic…total…failure. You may not see it on your end as the user, but the ability for one of the maintainers to upload new quotes required nearly 15 minutes of preparation work after the quote was uploaded. This quickly grew to a total of 30 minutes per quote and became a major time-waste for anyone involved and eventually lead to it becoming stagnant and unused.

Over the next month, as a few new services are being tested, the old Quote Garden will start to disappear and will be replaced by a new system with new software that will directly link to the actual quote pictures with the same quote in the caption. Eventually there will be ways built-in to directly share to your favorite social media, but the main goal of this project is to develop a new piece of software to power the interactivity of the wall, while reducing the time needed for daily maintenance of the quotes themselves.