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Thanks for stopping by! Can I get you anything? Cold beverage? Snack? No? Well, if you get hungry or thirsty, please feel free to help yourself! The fridge is right over there. Just be sure to close the door tight…it tends to stick open.

These hallowed digital halls you are about to embark upon are a recollection over the years, from a few different blogs and website I started. Each in their own right started out great, but in the end, I lost interest and time and they ended up kinda fizzling out. Each were geared towards their own separate audiences for the topics I was covering. Now though, I have the ability to bring them all together.

My original blog, The Looking Glass was always my first love and dedicated to writing about current events and things going on in my life. I have since started a new blog called The Literary Realm where I post content involving my own journeys in writing, creative writing techniques, daily writing exercises, book announcements, cover reveals, and more!

Over in The Archives you will find blogs and websites that I am reconstructing to form a digital repository of posts that have been helpful to me in life and my journeys. The very first archives I am reassembling is called Limyaael’s Literary Rants where an online blogger wrote articles geared towards making writers think about what they were doing.

If you want to learn about me, might I suggest starting here? Then, if that’s not enough, and you REALLY want to get to know me, try this, and this!

You can even check out some of the many blogs I follow as well as my Hall of Inspiration where I pay tribute to the things and people that keep me going!

I hope you find something interesting and are willing to support my cause either through donation or advertisements you find useful and interesting. Below you will find the blogs you can choose from as well as at the top of every page in the menu.

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